Indonesia plays prominent role at London Stock Exchange Asia Capital Markets Day.

Senior figures in Indonesia’s financial world played a prominent role at the launch of the London Stock Exchange Asia Capital Markets Day.  Valbury Capital Ltd sponsored the event which explored London’s role in capital-raising for Asian corporates and in the benchmarking and trading of Asian securities. The aim was to grow awareness of the investment opportunities for both British and Asian investors, forging stronger ties.

The Ambassador of Indonesia to the UK, His Excellency Teuku Mohammad Hamzah Thayeb, attended the opening market ceremony. The Ambassador was accompanied by senior representatives from the Indonesian FSA, Stock Exchange, Central Bank, and, industrialists. ‘I see this as yet another building block in the overall financial relationship between Indonesia and the UK.  As you know, the Prime Minister visited Indonesia in April 2012 and at the end of last year, my president made a state visit [to the UK]. Both of our leaders agreed to really strengthen the relationship further and I am trying to elevate this to a higher level.’

CEO of Valbury Capital Ltd, Mark Hanney said, “London has many qualities that Asian investors are looking for; deeply liquid markets, very advanced legal and regulatory systems so it is a place where investors feel comfortable putting their money. Equally Asia is a fast growing market so European investors are looking for access to the companies in those markets. We are delighted to be sponsoring today’s event. Part of what today is about is getting those two sides together. The more you have these events the more people have dialogue and build relationships and the fewer barriers there are, so people feel comfortable investing in places other than Europe.”

The event at the London Stock Exchange gathered together senior representatives from Asian corporates, UK and European advisories, asset managers and the trading community. ‘This openness is something that is welcomed in the UK. It is clearly of utmost importance for us to have a good solid foundation and relationship with our counter parts in other countries. We share the same goals, we share the same challenges. We are very interested in helping their companies really open up to global investors and that’s something that cannot be done [in] isolation, it needs to be done together’, said Jon Edwards, Deputy Head of Primary Markets at the London Stock Exchange Group.

The conference heard from Nurhaida, Chief Executive of Capital Market Supervision at the Indonesian Financial Services Authority. She spoke about the strength of the South East Asian economy and Indonesia’s extraordinary growth. ‘This is a good opportunity for us to really introduce Indonesia. Last year our economic growth was 6.2 per cent, higher than the average growth of South East Asian countries. In the area of capital market itself our stock market indices have increased on average by 20% per year since 2009.’ Nurhaida detailed the strategies they are employing to simplify procedures and regulation to attract more investors without sacrificing investor protection, ‘We also have to increase the number of investors. We believe that the investor will come to our market, if the market is fair, orderly and transparent.’

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