Greece’s latest polls are now showing that the populous want to see the terms of their bailout changed to reduce significantly the austerity measures required, this has brought about fears that a Greek exit from the Euro is closer than previous polls suggested.  This renewed fear of the euro has pulled Asian stocks down again and the MSCI is looking like it will maintain its 10% loss over the past month.

Blackberry maker RIM is losing further ground as a closing price yesterday of $10.35 is a 75% loss of value in the past year.  These further losses came about as the company could be ready to post an operating loss when analysts has predicted a profit of $261 million for the quarter.

The question of Gold’s resolve has been raised again as it sees it’s worst run of losses in nearly 13 years, again the Euro-zone crisis is being blamed, although like November Rain, nothing lasts forever and a good opportunity to buy a dip could be arising. 


Posted by Jonathan Bristow | Account Executive